My Practice

Home-School Partnership

I believe in strong home-school partnership contributes to the success of the child. At such a young age, classroom should be an extension of their home. At home children feel safe and protected, and that feeling should mimic in the classrooms. It is very important to meet each child and parents before s/he starts attending school. Discovering a child’s background through the parents like their culture and religion will best help teachers understanding where the student is coming from.

Keeping a constant communication is important as well in the success of the student as the weeks pass by during the school year. The parents for Organically Montessori students will receive an ongoing email or text throughout the year to keep them posted on all the academic and social development that is going on in the classroom. They will be able to respond to our emails and texts if they have any questions or comments about their child.

Developmental Domaine

The developmental domains are identified as the (1) physical domain, (2) cognitive domain, and (3) affective domain (Estes, 2004). The physical domain of development covers physical growth and development, gross motor development and skills, fine motor development and skills, and perceptual motor skills. Skills, which involve the small muscles of the hands, fingers, feet, toes, face, and mouth, are called fine motor skills. (Estes, & Krogh, 2012. Sec. 3.1).

Toddlers are just starting to discover the world, and love grabbing every object they see around them. At Organically Montessori, we have materials for children to pinch and grab with thumb, index and middle finger. This helps them build strength in the their hands to better hold pencils later. (How we Montessori)

Trends and Issues

There is a tremendous amount of technology used today. There will soon be a lot of technology involved in the day-to-day classrooms. The students will need to learn how to turn on the computer and other easy tasks at a young age. The computer class will probably be part of daily activity at a later age and the intensiveness of the computer literate will increase as the demands for electronics increases. The younger generation will have to learn new things like computer technology even starting at preschool age. I am currently working on how to incorporate the appropriate technology usage in my toddler’s classroom.

Curriculum Sample